The Zirovnice town is set at the edge of Ceskomoravska vrchovina at the elevation of 567meters above sea level. It is the centre of the region and a much-sought-for place. Its history is close-knit with the history of local castle. The castle was built at the place of ancient fortress. The lords from Hradec and lately the lords from Usti can be ranked among the first owners; it was the beginning of 14th century. Since 1485 the castle had been a possession of the Vencelik family from Vrchovist. They made a great reconstruction of the Zirovnice castle, the castle was fully changed and decorated with frescos. Thanks to them, the Zirovnice castle is one of the most precious cultural monuments now. In 1964 the castle cut up by a fire. The next reconstruction was finished in 1992. Nowadays it is a base of exposition introducing this region, the history of button and pearl-shell production, an exposition of sewing machines and a gallery of paintings.

Infocentre - Branka 1, 394 68 Žirovnice, tel.: +420 565 494 095, e-mail:

Castle Zirovnice Castle Zirovnice
Castle Zirovnice
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